Nano: Day 2 and how to finish any piece of writing

Writing in the courtyard
Pleasant morning yesterday; today we have thunderstorms. Possibly even more suited to suspense and thriller writing?

Yesterday I hit 2,543 words of a necessary 1,667, so I’m ahead of the game…but I know from previous years that this isn’t a cause for celebration, or at least, not yet.

I’m very good at beginning things, but I lose interest sometimes if I’ve worked out the whole story before the end. This is one of the reasons I’m more successful at “pantsing” than planning, as they say. I think it’s also a by-product of being a storyteller. It’s a lot of fun to find out the end of a story, and in fact, I think that need for story resolution is hard-wired into the human brain. That’s one reason mysteries and romance are so popular. But once I know the ending, and how the story is going to get there, it’s hard for me to keep up momentum sometimes.

However, here’s my Pro Tip. There’s one thing that makes completion very easy for me in my day job (which is also a writing job): client expectations! If I don’t produce, on time, on demand, as expected, I won’t be invited back. As someone who largely works through word of mouth and repeat clients, I know that I need to meet certain timeframes, and I do, every time. Even if there are hold ups in other areas, I always have at least a draft report ready when I say I will and when the client needs it.

Since I’ve decided to go pro as a fiction writer, my reading audience is now the Client. I have to keep in mind their expectations for receiving a product, and I have a responsibility to meet a deadline. Yes, even if it’s one I’ve set for myself.

So, with that in mind, I will continue and eventually finish this damn Nano!

Happy Day 2 of Nano for all those competing against themselves and against the deadline, and may the words flow freely…

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